Education Package

Exploring Agora

The Agora Bushwalk education package has been designed to help you and your students to appreciate the valuable and unique Banksia woodlands of the coastal plain in the south-west of Western Australia.

While designed for the Agora Bushwalk, the activities in this package are suitable for use in any area of Banksia Woodland in the Perth area of Western Australia. Many of them may also be used elsewhere, and adapted to suit your teaching program. Classroom activities may be used to introduce or follow up an excursion or as independent activities in themselves. You can select appropriate activities to suit your program.



The Agora Bushwalk website supplements the printed material in the package and contains information about wildlife, conservation, rehabilitation and local history. You can check the signage map of Kells Road Bushland to see the layout of the walk trail and the information that is displayed on signs. Use the map as a sneak preview of the information that will be available on your visit, or as a research activity in your classroom.

Activities may be printed out or used in their electronic form.



We value your input and suggestions about further information and activities that we could provide. If you have feedback or suggestions about this package, please fill in the online form

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